Company Profile

Jiangsu Bree Optronics Co., Ltd. is located in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangning District, Nanjing City.It specializes in the research, development and application of new optoelectronic materials technology. It is a leading enterprise in the field of LED phosphors in China and a major global phosphor of international lighting companies. One of the suppliers.


Bree has successively set foot in the fields of high thermal conductivity interface connection materials, high thermal conductivity ceramic substrates, heat-resistant packaging materials, and special structure packaging. In the field of third-generation semiconductor packaging materials, it has formed a complete system of scientific research and development, mass production and professional technical services.


Adhering to the idea of “Customer centric”, and “achieving ourselves by helping others benefits to customers”, Bree provides our customers with professional services, helping them to solve technical problems and to promote their competitiveness.


Follow the business philosophy of "technology builds the foundation, Bree creates the future", and with the brief of revitalization of national industry, Bree continues to provide customers with high-quality products and total solutions, and is trying to be the expert of luminescent materials in 21st century and the international major suppliers of advanced Rare Earth luminescent materials.