Special Lighting

Special lighting scenes include vehicle lighting, photography lighting, laser lighting, industrial and mining lighting, sports lighting, etc


Vehicle lighting

Vehicle lighting refers to headlights, fog lights, reversing lights and other lamps of vehicles. It provides lighting for drivers, passengers and traffic management personnel at night or under low visibility, and serves as a reminder and warning for other vehicles and pedestrians. Different vehicle lamps with different functions have different requirements for light efficiency.

Aiming at the application needs of headlights, we provide customers with fluorescent powder products with super high reliability and high luminous efficiency characteristics to meet the strict requirements of automotive exterior lighting on brightness and reliability. For automotive interior lighting, we provide customers with ultra high light color consistency phosphor solutions.


Photographic lighting

Photographic lighting is divided into continuous light type and flash light type. The power of photographic light is generally large, the power of continuous light type can reach 1000w, and the flash light can reach several kilowatts per second. Through these auxiliary light sources, the quality and efficiency of photography activities are improved. We can provide customers with an overall solution with different levels of TLCI indicators.



Laser lighting

Laser illumination includes visible laser illumination and infrared laser illumination. Visible laser lighting can be divided into the following two types according to the principle:

(1) Blue light excited phosphor realizes white light lighting (for example, a laser headlamp launched by a BMW model in 2014);

(2) Red, green and blue lasers are combined with white lasers, or are illuminated with true color light (such as brilliance spectrum). Infrared laser lighting is mainly used for night vision and night camera monitoring lighting, and is widely used in security, field search and rescue, scientific research and other fields.

At present, the first technology path is the main one. As the light density of laser lighting source is much higher than that of LED light source, we can provide customers with laser phosphor with excellent excitation saturation characteristics, and also provide customers with light conversion solutions based on glass and ceramic according to different power.



Industrial and mining lighting

Industrial and mining lighting refers to the lighting scenes used in production and operation areas such as factories, mines, warehouses, and high sheds. In addition to various lighting lamps used in normal industrial and mining environments, there are also explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments. In order to improve the lighting quality, develop lighting sources with excellent temperature and color rendering index meeting the production requirements.


Sports lighting

Sports lighting is the lighting environment required by various stadiums and gymnasiums, providing comfortable sports and observation environment for athletes and spectators. For sports lighting, it is required that the illumination of each area is uniform, the service life of the light source is long, and high altitude maintenance is avoided as far as possible to save energy.