Plant Lighting

The earth continues to face serious climate change. It is expected that the crop yield will gradually decrease in the next few years. Food shortage has become a worldwide problem. The high dependence of crop production on climate is a key factor restricting supply. In indoor environments, large indoor farms are being built around the world by introducing artificial light sources for planting or solving all these problems. Lighting is one of the most important factors in indoor planting. Therefore, optimizing horticultural lighting is crucial to the success of indoor planting. The indoor planting lighting system needs to take into account the role of plant growth and operation energy consumption, and must also withstand the extreme environment of high temperature and humidity and the corrosion caused by the frequent use of chemical fertilizers.

At present, the light source technology scheme of LED plant lighting mainly includes the following three types:

(1) Plant lighting fill light: blue light, blue light+red light, red light, far red light, etc; High light efficiency, but high cost;

(2) White light lamp for plant lighting: the 4000K white light indicated by Ra80 is mainly used to achieve high photosynthetic quantum efficiency and high luminous efficiency and promote plant growth;

(3) Full spectrum of plant lighting: white light made of blue chip and phosphor is combined with chips of other wavebands (660nm or 730nm) to effectively give consideration to the purpose of high luminous efficiency and low cost. This scheme is the most widely used application scheme at present;

We are committed to the continuous improvement and enhancement of PPF/PPE through the continuous improvement of the conversion efficiency of fluorescent powder and the modulation of the spectrum. At the same time, aim to  the high-temperature environment of plant lighting sources, we provide customers with an overall solution of plant lighting fluorescent powder with excellent thermal quenching characteristics and anti deterioration performance.