Optical Communication

Visible light communication technology transmits information by using high-speed light and dark flashing signals that cannot be seen by the naked eye from fluorescent lamps or light-emitting diodes, etc. Connect the wire device of high-speed Internet to the lighting device and plug it into the power plug. The system made of this technology can cover the range of indoor lighting, and computers no longer need wire connection, so it has a broad development prospect.

The best choice for indoor wireless communication to meet the requirements is white LED. The lumen efficiency of white LED can reach more than 300 Lm/W. While providing indoor lighting, it is expected to realize indoor wireless high-speed data access when used as a communication light source. However, the traditional white light source cannot provide efficient energy conversion efficiency and output power, which greatly hinders the development of high bandwidth white LED communication technology.

In recent years, the successful development of white light laser has greatly enhanced people's confidence in using white light laser for visible light wireless communication with higher speed, higher efficiency, higher security and lower loss. One way to realize white light laser is to find suitable growth gain materials and optical resonators to generate white light laser, explore and select appropriate matrix materials and light-emitting activated ions, and what kind of pumping mode to adopt, which is expected to realize white light fiber laser that can be used for visible light wireless communication. Another way is to combine blue LD phosphor or fluorescent ceramic materials to achieve high efficiency white laser. From the perspective of current technology maturity, this is a very potential technology path. Borui Optoelectronics develops fluorescent materials with high excitation saturation threshold according to the application requirements of white light laser, which can effectively meet the requirements of white light laser on light conversion efficiency and reliability.