Successful conclusion of special fund project for transformation of provincial scientific and technological achievements



On December 25, 2015, the experts of Provincial Department of Scienece and Technology checked the project of Development and industrialization of the key technologies of LED phosphors for high performance LCD backlight and general lighting (NO. BA2011016).

The experts listened to the work summary, research and development , industrialization construction and financial audit report of the company on the project, reviewed relevant technical documents, special audit report and relevant materials, and conducted on-site inspection.After the visit , the group of experts carried out a verification and questioning of the project .The research and development of key technologies of high performance liquid crystal backlight and general lighting LED phosphor implemented by our company and the completion of industrialization project were highly appraised , and it was considered that the project overfulfilled all tasks and targets stipulated in the contract and agreed to pass the project acceptance .

At the same time, leaders and experts at the meeting put forward new ideas on the company's future development, hoping that the company would make persistent efforts to bring into full play its advantages in technological innovation, strive to undertake more national and provincials.