Start again——2015 annual work summary and recognition conference successfully concluded



Another year of snowflakes flying, another year of sweet wax plum!Looking back on 2015, we achieved remarkable results;Looking ahead to 2016, we are full of confidence!The annual meeting of Bree was held on January 28, 2016.All the staff of the company attended the annual meeting.

At the meeting, general manager He Jinhua summarized the work of 2015, based on the background of industry, summarized the company's achievements in the past year , and carried out a comprehensive analysis of the existing deficiencies in 2016.At the same time, general manager He Jinhua put forward " start again" to Bree and all the staff!The outstanding employees were recognized.

Finally, all staff and family members held a reception, the scene was full of joy. The various shows and lottery push the atmosphere to high!

Monism starts again , everything is updated! Lets base on a new starting point, join hands in a concerted effort to create a new brilliant Bree!