Comprehend the spirit of “Studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building” in the reviewing of revolutionary history of Jiangsu and Anhui



On July 1, 2016, members of general Party branch of company went to Huaian to review the revolutionary history of Jiangsu and Anhui and carry out the education of party building studie.

During the two-day education activity, Party members visited the Zhou EnlaiMemorial Hall, Former Residence of Zhou Enlai and Memorial Hall of the Former Government of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.

Zhou EnlaiMemorial Hall is solemn and the people visit in an endless stream. We collectivelyvisited the white marble statue of Zhou Enlaiwith reverence, then visited the first floor, second floor exhibition and Xihua Hall followed by the commentator. Through the precious historical photos and explanations , we were in honourof prime minister selfless , dedicated , clean and simple life. The revolutionary path he has taken explains to us what the communist is and how to be a good servant of people!

Then, all Party members visited the Former Residence of ZhouEnlai, and learned more about Premier Zhou Enlai's childhood , family background and hometown, feeling the courage to fight against fate, and amazed at hiscourage and great ambition of " study for the rise of China " and " serve the people wholeheartedly " .

In the old site of Jiangsu and Anhui governments, Party members intuitively experienced the historical situation of the revolutionary predecessors' uniting with masses to build Jiangsu and Anhui provinces under difficult conditions , and have a deep understanding of the rich connotation and practical significance of the mass line in different historical stages .

Through visits and study, we have expressed the hope that we will follow Premier Zhou's example, follow the party's mass line, go down to the grass roots, understand and master the dynamics of grass roots, carry forward the spirit of Zhou Enlai , servepeople wholeheartedly , and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members.In the future work , we should earnestly study Premier Zhou's spirit of integrity, self-discipline , hard work for the people , and strive to set a good example of great men , be self-serving and diligent.