He Jinhua was named in the National “Ten Thousand project”



Recently, the general office of the Organization Department of CCCPC announced the second batch of National Ten Thousand projecttalentslist, He Jinhua was named in the list.

According to the reports, it is organized by the ministry of science and technology,facing to the national high level innovation and entrepreneurial talents to carry out the team construction. The publication list includes 620 tech innovation leaders and 336 leading technology entrepreneurs.

"Ten thousand project", namely National high-level talents special support program, launched in September 2012, arranged by the central personnel work coordination group as a whole, around the strategic deployment of constructing innovative countries, and geared to the needs of domestic high-level personnel, plans to use about 10 years to support about 10000 local high-level innovative entrepreneurial talents, form a high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talent team building system that is linked to the " Thousand Plan ".