South Korea tour smoothly completed



Recently, the companys annual staff travel activities with their families was smoothly completed. The tour route is overseas tour of Jeju Island and seoul.

Jeju Island known as Hawaii of South Korea, has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.Seongsan Sunrise Peak located in the seaside as a green crown with vast coastline and beautiful grassland scenery, as if into a wonderful situation.In the city Folk Village , we had a deep understanding of traditional Korean culture; the visit to the Hallasan tree garden and Teddy Bear Museum added a lot of fun.Seoul, as the capital of Korea, is the gathering place of korean traditional culture and trend culture.VisitingGyeongbokgung, National Folk Museum of Korea and NamsanHanok Village, we tasted a lot of valuable exhibits and a more deep understanding of the Korean history.The visit of South Kye-dong, Insa-dong, Myongdong, Ewha Women's University and Hongik University, we felt the charm of contemporary art and trend culture .

What we have seen, heard and felt not only broaden our vision, alleviate the work pressure of staffs, but also enhanced the communication between staffs and families and strengthen the cohesion of our team.