Stay true to the mission, forge ahead——Bree’s work summary and recognition conference of 2016 was held



The year of monkey has ring out, the year of rooster has ring in. On January 23, 2017, the annual meeting was held, all employees of company participated.

At the meeting, we watched Alibabas documentaryDreamer, and had deep sense of a good enterprises persevering when facing difficulties and deep-rooted enterprise culture. Subsequently, He Jinhua, the general manager, made a work summary of 2016, reported the company's gratifying achievements in the past year, made the future development strategy. At the same time, He Jinhua put forward Stay true to the mission, forge aheadto Bree and all employees. The outstanding employees were recognized.

Finally , all employees and family members held a reception, the scene was full of joy. The various shows and lottery pushed the atmosphere to high!

The year of 2016 has slipped away, the year of 2017 has come! Lets join to write a new chapter of Bree!