Ten years of hard work, forge ahead and start again—Bree's work summary and commendation meeting in 2019 was held



Years are all the time, The companys annual meeting was held on January 18, 2020 in Qinglong Villa. All employees and their families attended the annual meeting.

A promotional video of Bree Optronics' ten-year history was played at the meeting, and the participants were deeply moved and inspired. Subsequently, Chairman He Jinhua made a work summary for 2019, conducted market analysis, reported on scientific research and management innovation and market performance achieved, further raised work standards, clarified development goals for the next ten years, and adhered to development strategies

Finally, the party officially began. The scene was filled with laughter, joy, and a variety of talent shows, interactive games, on-site lottery and lucky red envelope activities, bringing the atmosphere to the climax one after another! The meeting also commended the company's outstanding employees and employees with special contributions that emerged in 2019.

Achievements belong to the past, striving to achieve the future, let us join hands and work together to write a new chapter of Bree!