Our company launched a full color temperature imitation sunlight white LED phosphor overall solution



Following comprehensive breakthroughs in key technologies such as full-spectrum phosphor system design and spectral width fine-tuning, full-spectrum modulation, and high-quality preparation technology, our R&D team has successively developed a series of high-efficiency deep red phosphors and Infrared phosphors, and developed multi-color phosphor full-spectrum modulation technology, developed a full-color temperature imitating sunlight full-spectrum phosphor solution that is 99% similar to the solar spectrum, with a spectral coverage range of 380-1000nm, covering the entire Visible light can be in the near-infrared wavelength band. The sun-like white light LED obtained by this technology has the highest lumen efficiency in the current market, and at the same time, the long-term performance is also better.


Figure 1 Sun-like spectrum based on near-ultraviolet chips