Bree’s three-yeas development plan promotion metting was successfully held



On the afternoon of April 9, Jiangsu Bree Optronics Co., Ltd. held the 2020-2022 development plan promotion meeting in the lecture hall, and all employees of the company participated in the meeting. This year is also the beginning of the new decade of Bree Optronics. In the face of the "big test" of the COVID-19 epidemic, Bree Optronics will stick to the annual goal unchanged, take multiple measures and go all out to ensure that the mission is achieved.

First of all, Deputy General Manager Liang Chao reported on the companys development planning work, put forward the overall goals for the next three years, clarified the direction of R&D and innovation, and built a technology and product architecture based on the third-generation semiconductor industry. Reasonable planning in planning and comprehensive management. Deputy General Manager Liang Chao emphasized that 2020 is a year of both opportunities and challenges, and called on everyone to innovate and strive for truth.

Subsequently, the companys personnel appointment notice was announced, and Chairman He Jinhua issued letters of appointment to the hired personnel. Finally, Chairman He Jinhua made a concluding speech and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the employees who worked hard during the epidemic. In the second ten years, Bree people are shouldering a new mission. Chairman He Jinhua encourages all employees to concentrate and work hard to live up to the day!