Another overseas invention patent of Bree has been authorized by Japan



Following the authorization of the Japanese patent JP2016555542, another patent application related to the nitride red phosphor, JP201655555, has recently received the authorization notice from the Japan Patent Office.

The newly authorized patent relates to a new type of nitride red phosphor and a light emitting device using the new type of nitride red phosphor. This new type of nitride red phosphor adopts a design scheme of element specific structure distribution. Compared with traditional red nitride phosphors (such as CASN, SCASN), it has the advantages of better anti-aging performance and higher luminous efficiency.

At present, this new type of nitride red phosphor has been authorized in many countries and regions such as Mainland China, Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan of China. It has completed the global patent layout and protection. An important breakthrough in phosphors is of great significance to the patent protection of LED packaging devices in my country.