The vice president Liang Chao was selected as the Top Young Talent in Nanjing in 2019



Recently, the Nanjing  Talent Work Leading Group announced the list of top-notch talents for young and middle-aged people in Nanjing in 2019. Liang Chao, the vice president of Breewas selected as one of the top-notch innovation  technological talents.

It is reported that the selection of top-notch young and middle-aged talents in Nanjing focuses on the "4+4+1" leading industry direction, which focuses on building a "scientific and technological innovation enterprise forest", and  carry out technical research and development aiming at the industry and market demand . 100 young and middle-aged backbones will be selected in 7 fields including innovation, finance, and culture and so on. Among them, accord to the development direction of  leading industries in Nanjingthe one who is engaged in research or technology development, promotion and application will be priority selected as the top-notch scientific and technological innovation talents. And they will reach the international and domestic first-class level in  relevant professional fields through training support.