Bree won the second prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology



On August 28,Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award Conference and Science and Technology Innovation Work Conference was held in Nanjing. The conference commended and rewarded the award-winning units and scientific and technological workers of the Science and Technology Award. Among them, the project "Key Common Technology Research and Industrialization of Rare Earth Phosphors for Semiconductor Lighting" won the second prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award which is completed by Breethe first completion unit and Southeast Universitythe other completion unit

In response to the urgent need for high-performance phosphors in the development of our countrys semiconductor lighting industry, Brees R&D team has overcome key industrialization technologies such as LED phosphor component design, synthesis technology, and anti-deterioration technology, forming a patent group covering key phosphor-related technologies. Bree has developed products with superior luminous efficacy, reliability, and resistance to color bleaching in cold and hot states, and achieved significant economic and social benefits.

As all knowJiangsu Science and Technology Award is the highest level of professional science and technology awards in Jiangsu province. The award aims to commend the units and individuals who have contributed to the advancement of science and technology in Jiangsu province and the development of industry, so as to further encourage and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity   of scientific and technological workers.. There are total 210 Jiangsu Science and Technology Awards in 2017, including 30 first prizes and 54 second prizes.