The PDP phosphor project of our company passed acceptance



On February 27, 2008, Nanjing science and technology bureau come to review the Development and pilot test of phosphor for high quality plasma display panel (PDP)project undertaken by our company and southeast university. The committee unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance.

As one of the key materials of PDP, PDP phosphors will directly affect the picture quality and working life of PDP display screen. At present, the production and sale of PDP phosphors are mainly monopolized by Japanese companies such as Huacheng and Nichia, while the research was restricted to laboratory stage in China. Generally speaking, there is a gap between the quality of phosphors and the quality of international commercial powder, and there is still a long way to go to realize industrial production.

Since 2006, our company and the Materials Research Institute of Southeast University have carried out more in-depth research on chemical composition, synthesis process and cracking characteristics of PDP phosphors, and further improved the synthesis level of PDP phosphors. On this basis, combining with the synthesis process and technical requirements of PDP tricolor phosphor and the characteristics of large-scale production, a pilot production line of PDP phosphor with an annual output of 30 tons has been successfully built, including raw material mixing, synthesis, comminution, dispersion, post-treatment modification, drying, etc. The key technology of phosphors from small-scale test to pilot-scale amplification was overcome, and the red, green and blue phosphors for PDP display with independent intellectual property rights were produced. Experts agreed that the research result of the project is at the international advanced level and agreed to pass the acceptance.