Phosphor of our company was successfully used in tunnel lamp for the first time in China



On the October 30, the Mofan road tunnel of Nanjing was opened to traffic. The Mofan road tunnel adopted a self-innovative product——new high-power LED light source for the first time in Jiangsu province, and become the first LED lighting tunnel. The new high-power LED light source can automatically adjust lighting intensity with the strength of light entered the tunnel, with good energy saving effect, and become a new light spot in this major project. The new high-power LED light source used in the tunnel is an independent innovation result of the provincial special fund project semiconductor street lamp industrialization and demonstration promotion, which is developed by Nanjing Handson science and technology Co. Ltd., with excellent dust-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof and anti-seismic performance, and its intelligent dimming control system has reached the international advanced level.

The defects of traditional tunnel lighting and its control system, such as high power consumption, short life and difficult maintenance, have become a difficult problem in tunnel lighting field. It is understood that the use of new LED light source on the Nanjing Mofan road tunnel, compared with the traditional program, has not increased the project cost significantly, but can achieve 51.5 percent power savings, and its life time is 6-8 times of the traditional light source, which greatly reducing the light source loss and daily maintenance costs and further reducing the operating costs.

The high-power LED light source uses our H series phosphor. Compared with traditional LED phosphor, the high-efficiency LED phosphor has 10-20 percent increase on the optical conversion efficiency, which can effectively meet the demand of high-efficiency high-power LED.