Bree was approved to establish Jiangsu engineering research center for rare-earth inorganic luminescent material



Recently, the Jiangsu engineering research center project was announced after expertsreview and committees approval, and our company was formally approved to establish Jiangsu Engineering research center for rare-earth inorganic luminescent material.

Jiangsu engineering research center for rare-earth inorganic luminescent material is established with Jiangsu Bree optronics Co. , Ltd as the main body and with the goal of promoting the technological progress and industrialization of rare earth luminescent materials in the region. The engineering research center is mainly responsible for promoting the development of high-tech rare earth luminescent materials represented by phosphors for plasma display panel (PDP), phosphors for power white LED and phosphors for cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL), developing the research of basic theory, applied technology and industrialization technology, continuously developing related industry technologies according to the overall development plan of the city, providing complete technologies, processes, equipment and new products for industrialization, promoting scientific and technological progress in rare earth luminescent materials industry, undertaking engineering and technical research, design and technical service tasks entrusted by the state, provinces, cities, enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, carrying out engineering radiation and popularization, and providing technical consultation.