He Jinhua and Liang Chao were selected as “Ten Hundred Thousand” Plan



Recently, Mr. He Jinhua, the general manager, and Mr. Liang Chao, the vice general manager, were successfully selected into Jiangning high-level innovation leading talent plan.

In order to accelerate the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the region with talents, vigorously attract high-tech leading talents from home and abroad to Jiangning for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of Jiangning. Jiangning District has fully implemented the Ten Hundred ThousandPlan. In 5 years, it will provide 1000 service Green Cardsfor the entrepreneurial and innovative talents, introduce 100 high-level entrepreneurial and innovative talents, and give major support to 10 leading talents..

Mr. He Jinhua was selected into the high-level entrepreneurship leading programby receiving a funding of 1million Chinese yuan. Mr. Liang Chao was also selected into the high-level innovation talent program by receiving a funding of 500 thousand Chinese yuan.

Previously, He Jinhua was selected into Jiangsu 333 high-level talent training projectand Nan Jing Young talents training project, was provincial and municipal young and middle-aged Science and technology leaders, and obtained a number of talent projects including Jiangsu Six talent peaks.