Dr. Teng Xiao Ming was selected as the “Enterprise Doctoral gathering program”



Recently, the leading group of Jiangsu provincial office for talent work announced a list of the 2010 Enterprise Doctoral Gathering Program, and Dr. Teng Xiaoming of our company was successful selected.

Dr. Teng Xiaoming has many innovative technologies in LED nitride phosphors, which will further improve the industrialization level of LED nitride red phosphorsin China and provide technical support for general lighting.

The Enterprise Doctoral Gathering Programis implemented by Jiangsu province to thoroughly implement the spirit of the national and provincial talent conference, accelerate the construction of innovative provinces, attract young doctors from home and abroad to gather in Jiangsu enterprises, and enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises. Starting from 2010, about 2,000 doctors will be introduced to the provincial parks to start their own businesses and enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation. The program is divided into three types: independent entrepreneurship, enterprise innovation and enterprise postdoctoral research. Doctors of innovation and entrepreneurship who have been selected into the Enterprise Doctoral Gathering Programwill be given financial assistance of not less than 200 thousand Chinese yuan per person (exempt from individual income tax), including 150 thousand Chinese yuan from provincial finance and 50 thousand Chinese yuan from local finance.