Bree went to the memorial hall of the New Fourth Army to launch Party day activities on the theme of 90th anniversary of CPC founding



In order to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the CPC founding, carrying out in-depth activities to create the first class and strive for excellence, we reviewed the Party's history, carried forward the Party's fine traditions, and deeply mourned for the striking course and great achievement of the revolutionary martyrs. On June 30, Bree organized all party members to visit and pay tribute to the New Fourth Army memorial hall, the national patriotism education demonstration base, in Jurong, Jiangsu province.

The New Fourth Army memorial hall is located in Maoshan town, 25 kilometers southeast of Jurong, Jiangsu province. The exhibition hall is divided into five parts: the Sunan people's resistance to Japanese aggression, the opening of the Maoshan anti-Japanese base area, the Maoshan New Fourth Armies' hard struggle to the east, the arduous persistence of the Sunan anti-japanese base area and the Sunan people's victory in the anti-Japanese struggle. The whole display of historical materials, rich in content and diverse in form, truly reflects the glorious history of the Sunan anti-Japanese base area, vividly recreating the New Fourth Army and the Sunan people's anti-Japanese struggle. The exhibition hall displays more than 2,000 pieces of precious cultural relics and historical materials, and displays the glorious achievements of proletarian revolutionaries such as Chen Yi and Su Yu, as well as the tragic and magnificent scenes of the war of resistance against japan.

The event was short but significant. Time shifts easily, but the mission of rejuvenating China will be handed down from generation to generation. History cannot be forgotten, tradition cannot be forgotten and heavy responsibility cannot be forgotten.