He Jinhua and Liang Chao were selected into the Jiangsu Province 4th “333 high-level talent training project”



Recently, Jiangsu province announced the 4th 333 high-level talent training projectreview results. Mr. He Jinhua, the general manager, and Mr. Liang Chao, the deputy general manager were selected into 333 high-level talent training project. This is the second time that Mr. He Jinhua was selected as the training talent of 333 high-level talent training projectof Jiangsu province.

Jiangsu province's 4th "333 high-level talent training project" aimed at selecting a number of young and middle-aged talents with good political quality, high professional skill and strong innovation and entrepreneurial ability to provide a strong talents guarantee for the strategic target of provincial "Twelfth Five-year Plan" economic and social development. The training talents have achieved outstanding achievements in the provincial scientific and technological circles, and can promote technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the development of regions and industries. After a period of five years, they will become the manager of provincial key disciplines and laboratories, provincial major scientific and technological project, and provincial enterprises technological research and development platform.

The inclusion of He Jinhua and Liang Chao in the 333 program is an important achievement of our company in implementing the Elite Program. It marked that Bree has stepped up to a new level in the talents construction and training of multi-level, all-direction and wide-field, providing strong talents guarantee and technical support for the company to promote its leading position in the industry.