He Jinhua was appointed as "Jiangning High-tech Park entrepreneurial mentor"



On April 9, 2012, the high-level talent signing event was held in the multi-function hall of High-tech Park. Mr. Chen sheng, the Committee Standing Committee and the minister of Organization Department, and Mr. Zhou Yugang, the vice-governor of Jiangning District, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of High-tech Park, the director of Administrative Committee, attended the signing ceremony and made important speeches.

In order to give full play to the advantages of regional talents, serve the talents at all levels for their innovation activities and starting businesses, help and support the innovators at all levels to turn their dreams into entrepreneurial actions, put the pioneering projects into practice, and realize win-win cooperation, High-tech Park hired four talents as the Jiangning High-tech Park entrepreneurial mentorand awarded them on this appointment, including He Jinhua, the general manager of our company. This is the second time that He Jinhua was appointed "entrepreneurial mentor of Jiangning District" since last year. He instated that he would shoulder this social responsibility, cherish the honor given by society, will share and teach his entrepreneurial experience and business experience without reservation, to promote all types of talents in entrepreneurship and innovation to better grow and become.

Since last year, High-tech Park has been focusing on talent guidance and innovation-driven strategy, with Science and Education Innovation Park of Jiangsu ( Jiangning ) University as the main body to promote Zijinfangshan, Life Science city and other entrepreneurial carrier, as well as public technology platform construction, for high-level talent recruitment at home and abroad, introduced the talent incentives, strengthened the venture capital strategy cooperation, promoted the close integration of science and technology, finance, talent and capital. In one year, the park has gathered five members of the National Thousands of people plan, six members of the Provincial innovation plan, nearly 30 members of the urban talent plan, and more than 400 overseas returnees to settle down and start their businesses. The driving effect of high-level talent gathering in the park is fully apparent.