Bree organized part of employees for one-day tour



Recently, in order to enrich the life of employees, stimulate the enthusiasm and enhance the team cohesion, Bree organized part of employees to travel to Wuxi.

During the Wuxi tour, we will first visit Taihu lake, and then travel to Yuantouzhu and Li Yuan .

With the tour guider, we indulged in the scenery of Yuantouzhu, which is the essence of Taihu lake scenery, known as the first victory in Taihu lake. Guo Moruo, the contemporay poet, used well-turned phrase to praise the scenery of Yuantouzhu and Li Yuan. The rockery of Li yuan was built by the water folded, fully shows the live landscape with infinite fun.

The trip to Wuxi has created a sense of unity, activity and progress atmosphere, and provided a good opportunity for employees to communicate with each other.