Bree was identified as "Jiangsu province enterprise graduate workstation"



Recently, Bree was identified as the Jiangsu department of education, "Jiangsu provinceenterprise graduate workstation."

Provincial education department, provincial science and technology departmentjointly convened an expert evaluation meeting in Nanjing, on the accreditation of 2012 Jiangsu province enterprise graduate student workstation station. The evaluation group of experts was made up of the Province's University discipline experts, graduate education and management experts, business graduate workstation tutors, representatives of enterprises and other aspects of composition. After the review and discussion of the experts and the announcement and examination of the provincial department of education, Bree was identified as "Jiangsu province graduate workstation."

Jiangsu province enterprise graduate workstation was an important platform for the combination of enterprises and universities, and also an important innovation practice base for Jiangsu university graduate cultivation.

Our company will take this opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and schools, give full play to their respective advantages, further enhance the company's technological innovation and scientific research strength, promote the company's scientific and technological innovation and product mix optimization and upgrading, also provide a training platform for Chinese graduate education.