Bree was included in the Nanjing intellectual property demonstration cultivation enterprise list



Recently, the Nanjing intellectual property office issued a list of Nan Jing intellectual property demonstration cultivation enterprises, a total of 100 enterprises included in the cultivation plan, Bree ranked in the list.

Since established in 2009, Bree has been focusing on rare earth metal luminescent materials research and industrial incubation, has achieved a series of resultsin PDP, CCFL, LED and other high-end phosphor field.So far, Bree has applied 46invention patents (including 1pct), of which 21has been granted. At the same time, under the care of intellectual property authorities government, Bree was awarded Nanjing Jiangning District intellectual property demonstration enterprises, then was selected in the list of Nanjing intellectual property demonstration enterprise cultivation.

Selected into the Nanjing intellectual property demonstration and cultivation program will further promote the standardization of intellectual property management, constantly improve the awareness of patent self-protection, constantly and tirelessly strengthen the intellectual property work of enterprises, and effectively improve the use and management of intellectual property.