Our company organized staff travel to Taiwan with their families



From August 7 to 14, the company successfully organized staff travel to Taiwan with their families. The annual family travel is the company's traditional welfare, which is not only a good opportunity to let staff relaxing, but also a good time to go out to study, it is important to reflect the company's concern for employees, express thanks to their families, more importantly, to create a unity of all staffs, cohesion, vitality, and endeavor atmosphere.

The eight-day fantasy tour, from Taipei to Tainan to Taidong, offers a wide variety of Taiwan customs and embraces the Taiwan Strait and the Pacific Ocean. Speaking of Taipei, 101 tower has to be mentioned. Such a building, which can be called one of the world's tallest buildings, is truly stunning with its powerful dampers. The Palace Museum in Taiwan is a collection of the best of China. Tai Lu Ge national forest park in Hualien, let us deeply shocked by nature's good mountains and good water. Kaohsiung's FoguangMoutain, palace-like grand architecture, so that we personally understand the "Buddha road" way. Taiwan's food is also various: pineapple crisp, green bean cake, meatballs, sausage, oyster fried, guava, and so on.

What we have seen, heard and felt not only broadens our vision, but also unites us as a whole. We need to do a lot of things, with our strong cohesion, the company will flourish!