Brees independent intellectual property development program of Nanjing has passed the acceptance



Recently, our company undertook the project of developing independent intellectual property in Nanjing——Key technology development and industrialization of high efficiency phosphor for high-power white led integrated packaging(NO. 201106032).

In this project, the key problems of (Lu,Y)3(Al,Ga)5O12:Ce phosphors and CaAlSiN3:Eu red phosphors, such as the luminescence mechanism, the relationship between crystal structure and luminescence characteristics and the phase transition mechanism, were studied systematically and experimentally.It has made important breakthrough, successfully developed high-efficiency aluminate yellow phosphor and nitride red phosphor with high brightness, good appearance, small light attenuation and good application performance for high-power white LED integrated packaging, and mastered the key technologies of industrialization in an all-round way, thus laying a foundation for the subsequent large-scale production .

The project acceptance is organized and implemented by the Nanjing science and technology committee. The experts of the inspection and acceptance team listened to the project work summary and technical summary report of the company and reviewed relevant materials.After discussion, the company is considered to have fully completed all the tasks stipulated in the project contract, and the acceptance team unanimously agrees that the project has passed the acceptance.

The successful implementation of the project has great significance to improve the application level of rare earth in China, break through foreign technology monopoly, perfect the rare earth industry chain and promote the upgrading of local industry.