One-day tour of Tianmu Lake



In order to enrich the lives of employees, appropriate release of work pressure, increase team cohesion, recently, the company organized some employees to carry out one day trip to Tianmu Lake.

Tianmu Lake has beautiful scenery, natural scenery and artificial embellishment, known as the "pearl of the Jiangnan". Under the guidance of the tour guide, we went boating on the lake, the scenery is so pleasing.Then, we watched the LongxingIsland scenic area, the island verdant, along the way, such as the sound of songs, stacked mountains, winding wood road, as in a beautiful landscape, we felt physical and mental pleasure!Finally, the elven kingdom and the butterfly pavilion brought us a magical mysyeryjourney, colorful butterfly display , a great " dream of not knowing who is a guest "experience!

This trip to Tianmu Lake was not only releases peoples mind and body, but also provided the opportunity for them to enhance their feelings, fully reflects the companys humanistic care for them, and strengthens their sense of belonging and team cohesion .