Mid-year training and mid-year work meeting concluded successfully



Recently, our company held a 4-day training and business discussion for all the employees, meanwhile, Mr. He Jinhua, the general manager held a general meeting to summarize the companys 2014 mid-year work, summarized and reported the main work in the first half of the year, and arranged for the deployment of key tasks in the second half of the year.

In the training class, the director and representative of R&D department explained the basic principle of phosphor, the phosphor system and LED packaging application in detail. The person who is in charge of finance department gave lectures on the basic knowledge of finance and the problems often occurred in daily work. The principal of intellectual property and ISO 9001 quality system gave lectures on intellectual property and ISO 9001 quality system, and regulated the day-to-day intellectual property and quality system work. During this period, the technology promotion department and the research and development department held seminars to summarize and prospect the market situation and technology development.In addition, we had a reading sharing, a heated discussion.

At the work summary meeting, Mr. He Jinhua reported performance of the half year, in the joint efforts of all staff, the company achieved remarkable results in the first half.At the same time, He pointed out the shortcomings of the first half year, and put forward new requirements and planning to the second half year.

I believe that through the training of learning and the the conference guide of summary of the work, all departments will to build on the past, take the courage to forge ahead , the results will be more remarkable.