Gathering expertise, wisdom in science and technology——2014 annual work summary and recognition conference was held



The new year begins, everything is updated! Bid farewell to the hard 2014 , ushered in a full 2015!Our annual meeting was held on February10, 2015.All the staffsattended the annual meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. He Jinhua, the general manager made a summary of the work in 2014, from a higher point of view of the market situation, summarized the company's achievements in the past year, and further analysis of future development ideas, and put forward " to strive for a new level! "to all employees.

The outstanding employees, outstanding contribution award winners were recognized on the conference!

Finally, all staff and family members held a reception , the scene was full of joy. The various shows and lottery push the atmosphere to high!

The year of 2014 has gone, the year of 2015 has come!Let us join hands to write a new Bree!