An invention patent was granted



Recently, an invention patent of nitride red phosphor was granted, named Method for manufacturing nitride fluorescent powder, numbered ZL 201210410596.3.

The invention discloses a method for manufacturing nitride fluorescent powder. The method comprises the following steps : pre-processing raw materials; weighing required raw materials according to a stoichiometric ratio; adding a proper amount of activator; after uniformly mixing with the ball-material ratio of 1:2 in a mixing bowl in a glovebox, loading the materials into an alumina crucible or a molybdenum crucible; carrying out deoxygenization treatment on a hearth; carrying out sectional roasting in a protective atmosphere; and obtaining nitride fluorescent powder after post-processing. The luminescent materialdisclosed by the invention has the characteristics of high light emitting efficiency, good aging characteristic, simple manufacture method, no pollution and low cost.