Have a trip to Shanxi and Shaanxi, taste a culture banquet



Based on the principle of employee-oriented, in order to improve the staffs' understanding of Chinese nation's culture, ease the pressure of staffswork, strengthen team cohesion, the company recently organized the annual staff travel with their families .The travel route is shanxi-shaanxi cultural tour.

In Taiyuan, we visited Jinci which is known as a small Jiangnan of Shanxi, where mountains around the water, towering ancient trees, nearly 100 halls, buildings and bridges scattered, reflecting the originality of Chinese ancient working people.The next day, we paid tribute to the most promising, the most prosperous Mount Wutai, visited Wanfo Pavilion, Xiantong Temple, Pusa Ding, Tayuan Si.Followed by a tour of 1400-year-old architectural art of hanging temple and the millennium-old world of chitashecha, we were deeply shocked!The Yungang Grottoes with 1500 years rubbing, its complex composition , exquisite carving , magnificent momentum was more than words.The following visit to the QiaosGrand Courtyard gave us a deep understanding of Shanxi merchants ' culture and Jinzhong folk customs, and the visit to the ancient city of Pingyao showed us an extraordinary cultural,social, economic and religious development.Hukou waterfallhas a turbulent water potential , ashaking wave sound, but also really let us understand the spectacular scene of " yellow river water from the sky,". Finally, we visited Shaanxi Museum of history and the mausoleum museum of Emperor Qin Shihuang, received the baptism of the Chinese culture of 5000 years, saw the precious cultural relics of pre-Qin, Han, Glorious Tang and Yuan , Ming and Qing .

This cultural trip has provided a profound understanding of 5000-year-old culture of China, cultivated a strong nationalist spirit and created an atmosphere of unity and progress.I believe that in the future work, we will be more positive, give full play to the hard-working wisdom of the Chinese nation, for our party, for the country, for the company to make more positive contributions !