Near infrared phosphors for LED LED using


Near Infrared Phosphors for LED Using

With the typical features of Invisibility to human eyes, high penetrability and the overlapping with characteristic absorptions of some functional groups, near infrared (NIR) light has been widely used on the applications based on non-visual lighting, such as machine vision, non-destructive testing and security monitoring. According to the combination of NIR phosphors and the efficient near UV/blue LED chips, NIR phosphor-converted LED (pc-LED) devices can be built with multiple advantages of flexibly tunable emission, high efficiency, compact size, energy saving and low working temperature. Therefore, NIR pc-LED device is considered as the ideal next generation NIR light source, which can address the applications of various fields. Benefitting to the advantage of compact size, the mini smart NIR spectroscopy can be built by integrating NIR pc-LED to portable electronic equipment (such as smart phone) to achieve the ingredient and freshness test of fruits and vegetables and the real time monitoring on human health (blood oxygen, etc.), which greatly promote the diversity and convenience of daily life.

NIR phosphor is the key component of NIR pc-LED device. The NIR phosphors developed by Bree possess the advantages of high quantum yield, low thermal quenching and flexible tunable emission band centering 710-1026 nm.

Bree's near infrared phosphors for LED LED using


(a) The typical near-infrared phosphor emission spectrum developed by our company; (b) Typical near-infrared pc-LED spectrogram, illustrated with a photo of near-infrared pc-LED after lighting; (c) Near infrared pc-LED applied spectrum in non-destructive detection of vegetable and fruit components; (d) The application spectrum of near-infrared pc LED in the freshness of vegetables and fruits; (e) Near infrared pc LED was used to locate blood vessels in the palm; (f) Application of near infrared pc-LED in machine vision and chip integrated circuit.


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