The full spectrum solutions via multichip combination


Phosphors for Full Spectrum

The full spectral solutions based on near UV light, blue light and multiple wavelengths in blue light range excitation have been developed by Bree, and the luminescent efficiency and deterioration resistance performance keep industry leading. The applications on Lighting for education, eye-protection lamp, rhythm lighting, etc, which have a higher requirement of light quality, have been satisfied for users. The full spectral white light index with color rendering index (Ra > 97), all special color rendering index (R1-R15 > 90) can be achieved via the combinations of phosphors plus blue light LED chips (450-470 nm), near UV light LED chips (380-430nm) and blue + near UV light LED chips.

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                                                                Near UV chip full spectrum warm white                                                                 Near UV chip full spectrum positive white

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                                                                     Blue ray chip full spectrum warm white                                                       Blue ray chip full spectrum positive white

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                                                                     Multichip full spectrum warm white                                                                   Multichip full spectrum positive white


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