Enterprise Culture

Value: Maximizing the customers’ benefits, maximizing the employees’ future, maximizing the shareholders’ returns, and maximizing our social contribution.


Enterprise mission: Bree aims at bringing vitality into the industry of optical functional material and creating a famous brand and a national pride.


Quality goal: To be the first in domestic and with the leading position in international.


Cooperation concept: win-win with harmony, development with coordination.


Enterprise maxim: The matter to extreme is where the success lies.


Enterprise idea: High tech casts the foundation, Bree creates the future.


Management idea: Take scientific research innovation as the driving force, and take consultative marketing as the core competitive ability.


Management idea: System advanced, humanity management, scientific assessment.


Talent: Virtue is the foundation of the ability, people is the source of wealth.


Person-employing: Employ the person who is thoughtful, loyal, capable, hard-working and has better abilities.