Bree was recognized as Nanjing City Certified Enterprise Technology Center



Recently, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the "List of the Twenty-first Batch of Municipal Enterprise Technology Centers", which identified 119 enterprise technology centers. With a sound innovation system, a strong economic scale foundation, a good organizational mechanism and a research and development mechanism, Jiangsu Bree Optronice Co.,Ltd successfully passed the review and defense, and was approved as the Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center.

It is reported that Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center is the qualification certification of enterprise R&D platform construction by the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology in order to accelerate the construction of the main technological innovation system of enterprises, enhance the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. It has a greater impact on enterprise technological innovation. Promoting role.

Jiangsu Bree Optronics Co.,Ltd was successfully identified as the Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center this time, fully demonstrating the company's great emphasis on technology research and development and the fruitful results achieved by vigorously implementing the construction of a technological innovation system. In the next step, the company will give full play to the leading and improving role of the Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center, further increase the construction of the R&D center, accelerate the development of new products, and enter the domestic market in the third-generation wide-bandgap semiconductor optoelectronic material industry base and the optoelectronic material R&D field. Even the international leading ranks have laid a good foundation for the company's smooth IPO and continuous rapid development.