Another natural science fund of Jiangsu province successfully completed



Recently, the Development of aluminate red phosphor based on blue LED excitationundertaken by Dr. Fu Yibing was successfully completed.

The aluminate red phosphor for LED developed in this project can be excited effectively by blue light emitted by current mainstream LED chips. The combination of this red phosphor and traditional YAG yellow phosphor can improve the color index of white LED obviously and basically meet the requirement of civil lighting. For the aluminate red phosphor, Dr. Fu systematically studied its preparation method and synthesis conditions, and finally synthesized aluminate red phosphor for white led with pure phase and high luminous efficiency.

Jiangsu provincial natural science funds insist on taking the local innovation demand as the guidance, with the goal of highlighting the talent cultivation, cultivating the original innovation source and strengthening the technology reserve, with the emphasis on the applied basic research, aiming at further enhancing the sustainable innovation ability of our province. In recent years, our company has increased the investment in basic scientific research, which has not only made remarkable achievements in the construction of hard environment such as experimental conditions, but also improved the soft power such as talent introduction and cultivation, and project research level.