Bree party branch was formally established



On June 29, on the advent of 90th anniversary of the Party, Bree Party branch was formally established, Mr. Liang Chao, the vice general manager was selected as the party secretary.

At the inaugural meeting of the Party branch, Mr. He Jinhua, the general manager made an important speech. He stressed that the establishment of Party branches was to provide a strong impetus for enterprise development, to ensure rapid and healthy development of enterprises, and truly play the role of a party branch and party members in promoting enterprise development. We will continue to explore innovation, combine the activities of Party organizations with their production and operation, give full play to the important role of Party organizations in enterprises, and give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Party members.

At the meeting, the conversion application of Wang Pengfei was successfully approved and he formally became a Chinese Communist.

Finally, He Jinhua led all Party members to review the vows. In the 90th anniversary day of the communist party of China, our party branch was formally established!