Our company’s National development and reform commission major high-tech project has passed the acceptance



Recently, our companys national development and reform commission major high-tech project " Development of key technology and industrialization of phosphors used in PDP with an annual output of 50 tons ", passed the acceptance smoothly.

The project utilized the research achievements of the company in the fields of phosphor grain refinement, dispersion and sintering furnace development, added necessary production and test equipments, and built an annual production capacity of 50 tons of phosphor for plasma display screen.

Jiangsu province development and reform commission presided the acceptance of the project. The acceptance committee was made up of the representatives of provincial and municipal development and reform commission, Jiangning science park management committee, Jiangning District environmental protection agency, Jiangning District safety supervision bureau, Jiangning District fire inspection station representatives and Jiangning district building engineering quality supervision station. The experts listened to the company's comprehensive acceptance report, technical summary report and report of other project design, construction. Then, the experts reviewed related data and observed the project site. After careful discussion, the acceptance committee agreed that the project had been accepted.

The acceptance committee highly evaluated the construction of the PDP phosphors industrialization project of our company, and put forward relevant suggestions and opinions on the further development of the project, at the same time, encourage our company to make persistent efforts, make full use of existing equipment, strengthen the 3D-PDP phosphor research and development investment, pioneering ideas, bold practice, and achieve product upgrading.