Walking in the magical sky, feeling the charm of snow-covered plateau



In order to relieve the pressure of employees, enhance the communication between employees and team cohesion, the company organized travel from september 10th to Sep.16th. The travel route is Qinghai Lake-Lhasa-Linzhi.

This tour is not only a feeling, an experience, but also a challenge! In Xining, we have visited Qinghu Lake and Kumbum Monastery, personally felt the vastness of Qinghai Lake, blue sky, as well as lifelike butter flowers, colorful murals and embroidery. On this magical journey to Lhasa, people were attracted by the majestic Kunlun Shan, the vast Hoh Xil, the distant flocks of cattle and sheep, and the vast expanse of Tibetan antelope and wild donkeys. Lhasa pure sky, strong and warm sunshine, suddenly washed away all the way from the fatigue, put fear and piety. Walking through the BaojiaoJie, the golden roof of JokhangTemple glistened in the sun. The incense of JokhangTemple is very prosperous, here, we are deeply moved by the local simple Tibetan people and pious pilgrims. Not far away on the Red Hill, Potala Palace stands tall and magnificent, RedPalace and White Palace alternate, the palace roof resplendent. We overcome the plateau oxygen problem, bravely boarded the Potala Palace to visit, exquisite carving, a large number of murals, precious cultural relics and Buddhist art, inlaid with countless treasures of the tower so that we are deeplyshocked.Linzhi hasbeautiful scenery, abundant vegetation and pleasant weather. Guided by the tour guide, we have visited Kadinggou Fall, Birishenshan, YarlugZangbu Grand Canyon and LulangLinhai, fortunately, we saw the most beautiful mountain——Nnamjagbarwa mountains snow view. Tibetan cuisine is original, zanba, butter tea, sweet tea, beef and mutton, barley wine, wild bacteria, taste of natural is endless.

This trip to Tibet has not only made us feel the charm of the snow-covered plateau, but also tempered our perseverance and created an atmosphere of unity and progress. I believe in the future we will be more active to face difficulties, solve problems, with our strong cohesion, the company will flourish!